Tabernacle Tour Resources and Study Materials

Updated: Jul 31

The following links are intended to be resources for the Stakes and the Tabernacle tours they will be providing.

Tour Cards - These could be printed, cut into individual cards and provided to the tour guides as a reference for their tour station.

Tour Cards Revision A in Spanish

Tabernacle Layout - This is a layout of the Tabernacle with reference to each of the 8 tour stations.

Tabernacle Tour Study Guide - This study guide contains details about the each of the major features within the Tabernacle

Symbols - This links to detailed study guides, information and insight into several of the symbols associated with the Tabernacle that point to Christ.

Tabernacle Study Guide - This booklet contains a number of lessons and scripture references about the Tabernacle and the symbols that are present throughout.

Box Elder Area Training Video - This training was conducted virtually on July 10, 2022.

Training Video - This is a video of the training we have conducted for the 3 YSA stakes.

Training PowerPoint - This is the PowerPoint that has been used for training the 3 YSA stakes.

Tabernacle Staffing Template - This handy template can be used when planning how many people are needed to support the Tabernacle each day.

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